Skin Rejuvenation Center's Exclusive "The Elixir" - Skin Rejuvenation Center Danvers
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Skin Rejuvenation Center’s Exclusive “The Elixir”



This unique formulation helps skin cells maintain their normal temperature and moisture levels required for optimal peel recovery. For every night usage, elixir will create the moist environment required for a normal perfusion of oxygen and nutrients. It even helps remove waste within the skin.
Its seven essential ingredients each performs a vital function to make this a must have for any skin!
• DNH Oil mocks actual fat content of human skin
• Phytosphingosine-anti-bacterial as well as anti-inflammatory
• Ceramide 3 repairing, protective, moisturizing
• Phytosterols stop the slowdown of collagen due to sun exposure as well as promoting collagen production
• Squalene is an antioxidant with capabilities to help protect from harsh effects of environment.
• B-Glucan rejuvenates skin cells
• Tocopherol Acetate if a form of vitamin E, which is a natural conditioning agent and antioxidant.

Additional Information

2 oz


Use alone or on top of prescribed serums or active products. Use sparingly.

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