Body & Spa Services - Skin Rejuvenation Center Danvers
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Body & Spa Services

Body Contouring at Skin Rejuvenation Center Danvers

Body Contouring

The term “body contouring” is generally defined as changing the physique through surgery. Cutting-edge advances now allow the body to be sculpted and changed with non-invasive techniques that are proven to be safe, reliable and affordable.

We use the one-of-kind Apollo™ [link to Apollo description below] system. Through this non-surgical body contouring treatment, time is literally turned back for your muscles and they “remember” their youth. As the muscle memory returns, the body reacts accordingly.

Micro-current therapy uses gentle electrical stimulation to work with the body’s own electrical system causing a chemical reaction on a cellular level. The micro electrical signals contract the muscles allowing the body to strengthen and firm as well as resulting in the loss of inches on the area being treated.

You will rest comfortably as body pads moistened with a little water are placed on the area being treated. Then, clips are attached to the pads, and then to wires connected to the console equipment. You will feel slight electrical pulses which do not hurt. Then you will feel muscle contractions and in about 20 minutes, you will have achieved the equivalent of 400 sit ups!

Although you will see results after your first treatment, a full course of treatments may be necessary to produce the most dramatic effects.

The equipment used is safe and FDA registered. It is safe for most people, but not recommended for those with pacemakers, those who have epilepsy or electronic or other metal implants.

Salt Infrared Sauna

Cleanse, detoxify, energize, and re-establish balance of mind. The muscles in your body profoundly relax while your cells release stress and inflammation.

A potentially “life extending” treatment, far infrared sauna technology can detoxify your body, help relieve inflammation, achieve weight loss, and help with other health issues such as high blood pressure and even Fibromyalgia. You can boost your body’s natural healing processes, release toxins, and ease tension and stiffness. You will burn calories without moving a muscle. You will feel cleansed and energized after your session.

Far infrared sauna therapy provides radiant heat that offers health benefits similar to those of the Sun, but without the dangerous UV rays that cause damage to our skin. Far infrared light waves are all natural and completely safe. Your body’s core temperature will be increased, resulting in a deeper and more detoxifying sweat that comes from the cellular level of the skin where toxins are stored.

The detoxification process of a far infrared sauna is safer and more comfortable than a conventional sauna. You will excrete toxins that have accumulated in your system from deep inside your body. These toxins include carbon emissions, tobacco, chemicals, hair-dyes, mold, and too many more to list.