Covid-19 Policies & Procedures - Skin Rejuvenation Center Danvers
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Covid-19 Policies & Procedures


Our Covid-19 Policies.

Letter of our Reopening and COVID 19 Policy

We want to express our gratitude to our loyal family of Skin Rejuvenation Center & Spa clients. You have blessed us with your support for over three generations! Some of you are geographically local. While others actually fly or drive for up to five hours to experience our one of a kind exceptional services.

As all small businesses being affected by the COVID19 pandemic and government shutdown, this period has been very challenging . We have been placed at the end of Phase 2 for Reopening. We are hoping to be open by July. However, this is dependent on Governor Baker’s ordinance and can change daily. Please watch for our announcement date of reopening on our “Skin Rejuvenation Center and Spa” Facebook page.

We have always gone above and beyond safety compliances set by our industry. We have understood the value of a Medical Director from our very beginnings . At that time, the term “Med spa” hadn’t even been invented.
We are currently very proud to be working under the direction of Dr. Michele Sasmor MD, FACS of Riversong Plastic Surgery in Newburyport, MA.

We operate under the statutes of the Massachusetts Board of Cosmetology, and the standards set by the Danvers Board of Health. This is directly related to our additional license as a Body Art Establishment ( Permanent Makeup Eyeliner, Eyebrows, and Lips). Having this license requires an annual inspection of our premises from the Danvers Board of Health inspector. Annual recertification of both CPR and course of study in ” OSHA guidelines and controls in the prevention and transmission of HIV, HBV, and other Blood-borne Pathogens” is also part of our compliance.

Yes, we are mandated to follow these rules. But more importantly, it is our philosophy and mission to ensure that our clients and employees leave feeling confidant that Skin Rejuvenation Center and Spa had gone that extra mile to try and keep us all safe. Your needs, concerns, and safety will always be addressed when you walk through our door.


1. We will call you at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. We request that you fill out your COVID exposure/symptom intake form, New Consent procedure form, and any other paperwork needed Prior
to your appointment using “Docusign” to prevent paperwork exchange.
2. We request that you wait in your car until we call or text you to enter.
3. We request that you wear your face mask during your entire appointment. We will do our best to work around it during your service.
4. Upon entering we will take your temperature and provide you with hand sanitizer or rest room to wash your hands
5. Our waiting area is closed and you will notice the pocket doors partially closed
6. Our office staff will conduct social distancing and communication
With you from their desk, or behind a table separating the waiting area ( retail area) and corridor. There will be signage on the floor for you to stand on insuring a minimum of six feet from one another.
7. You will go directly to your treatment room with Saundra Grillo or Monica Andrellos
8. We request that you come alone to your appointment during this time.
9. Please remove Jewlery prior to you appointment
10. Please keep articles, you bring in to your appointment, to a minimum (phone/ credit card/ purse)
11. Appointments will be limited and staggered upon reopening to limit interaction with others.
12. Treatments may be temporarily shortened as we limit hours of operation in accordance with new town and state guidelines
13. Virtual consultations only
14. Please expect a follow up phone call or text from our office to check on any changes in your health following your appointment including fever, rash, coughing
15. As much as we love our conversations with our clients,
we ask you to please limit conversations before, during and after your treatment

Changes We Have Made to our Space

1. We have installed hospital grade HEPA filters though out the VENTILATION SYSTEM in our building
2. We have removed magazines
3. Pamphlets will be given upon request
4. Tea station has been removed
5. Water Cooler has been removed
6. Mobile Air purifiers added to our space include
– Molekule Air Purification with PECO Technology to kill Viruses, Bacteria,
Mold Spores, Pollen and Dander
– Vollara air Purification to treat AIR and SURFACES on a continuous basis with NASA certified technology
– Oreck AirInstict 200 Air Purification with three stage HEPA filtration
– Aesthetic Beds are now lined with wipeable plastic.
Disposable Fitted sheet will be fitted over that for your comfort
Oakworks heated mattress pad can still be used during your treatment
7. Waiting area is closed until further notice
8. Smoke Evacuation System will be used during all Fibroblast procedure

Sanitization and Disinfection

1. EPA – approved disinfectants for cleaning of all surfaces Before and After
every client in each Treatment Room, Restroom, and Shared Corridor.
At a minimum, this will include
– Thermometer
– Aesthetic Beds
– Chairs
– Tables
– Doorknobs
– Railings
– Bathroom fixtures
– Counters.
– Handheld mirrors
– Professional Equipment
– Credit card machine
– Pens
– Floors
2. Disposable bed sheets, disposable hair caps, and implements will be used
as much as possible during your service.
A new and freshly laundered smock will be provided.
A new and freshly laundered top sheet will be provided.
No blankets will be used in your service during this period.

Please dress accordingly if you have a tendency to get cold during services.

Staff members

1. All employees will be wearing face masks
2. All employees will be wearing full face shields during any client interaction
3. All employees will be using clean, new gloves per interaction with each
4. All employees will keep their hair in surgical caps while in the spa
5. Daily temperature documentation for each employee
6. Hands will be washed or sanitized prior to all interactions with each client
7. Daily Lists will be maintained of
-Cleaning schedule in each treatment room, rest room and corridor
– Client names, procedure, phone number, and time of entry and departure
– Name and phone number of anyone entering the spa for any reason

Thank you all for your understanding of the changes and adjustments we have
made to remain in compliance with CDC, OSHA, and Social Guidance Ruling to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID 19.
We miss you all and are anxious to open our doors again.

XOXO Saundra Grillo Founder

We invite you to join us at the Skin Rejuvenation Center & Spa on a journey to timeless beauty and optimum skin health!