Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening Now Available at Skin Rejuvenation Center Danvers - Skin Rejuvenation Center Danvers
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Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening Now Available at Skin Rejuvenation Center Danvers

non-surgical lid lift plasma

Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening Now Available at Skin Rejuvenation Center Danvers

Another first in the industry and brand new to the United States, Skin Rejuvenation Center and Spa introduces a revolutionary procedure that tightens and lifts the skin, face, and parts of body with instant results! It is highly effective and a remarkable holistic alternative to traditional laser and standard cosmetic surgery. Invented in Italy by Plastic Surgeon Dr. Fippi, this procedure has been safely performed for many years in Europe and North America and often referred to as “soft surgery,” as results are long lasting and often comparable to traditional cosmetic surgery.

Successfully shrink and reduce extra skin while dramatically lifting and tightening most any area on the face and body. Just imagine, there is no cutting, stitching, bruising, traditional anesthesia, bleeding, thinned out skin, or an “overly pulled distorted” look to the face with this method.
Not only is this a safer choice for your rejuvenation, it is also much more affordable than costly alternatives.

Conditions effectively treated include

– Sagging Upper Eyelids (non-surgical Blepharoplasty)
– Under eye smoothing and crows feet
– Jowl Tightening
– Neck lifting and Tightening
– Brow Lifting
– Wrinkles around the Mouth
– Fine Lines anywhere on the Face
– Sagging skin anywhere on the Face
– Stomach tightening

Our specialized, FDA approved Medical Plasma device works by utilizing the voltage in the air between its tip and the natural gasses emitted from just above the skin to form a true “plasma “ (ionized gas) charge. This tiny arc of electricity shortens, contracts and tightens targeted skin tissue instantly. That’s when the real magic of this treatment happens! Your skin’s natural healing process then goes into overdrive and encourages your own body to create new fibroblast cells responsible for development of Collagen to enhance natural volume and Elastin for improvements in tightening. Each area of treatment, which has been addressed by the plasma charge, will retract by pulling the skin cells closer together. This successfully targets any areas with levels of excess skin.
Improvements are visible immediately, but final results will be seen after twelve weeks. The number of procedures needed per person will vary according to the area being treated, skin laxity, and individual’s age and response to the treatment. However, most are satisfied with a total of one to three procedures per site.

Skin Rejuvenation Center and Spa is leading the way to aging beautifully and naturally again. By introducing this amazing alternative to compete with limited and standard choices of today, you can explore this new form of perfect rejuvenation.
If you’re looking a little tired, becoming more conscious of a drooping neck or jaw line, falling out of love with your sagging eye lids or simply want a fresher look, Fibroblast Skin Tightening could be the best option for you!

Founder Saundra Grillo BSE, MBA, ME, CPMA has been trained and awarded the prestigious certification from UK’s top leading international Fibroblast Specialist and School, Advanced Aesthetics International.
Saundra has earned the highest certification available throughout European and US industry standards today with the prestegious
“ProQual Level 4 Certificate in Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation using Plasma Technology.”

Call us today for your complementary Plasma Fibroblast consultation
(978) 777-8181

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