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Introducing the Next Generation in Skin Architecture

Sculptor+ is the first non-injectable formulation that rejuvenates and replenishes while it fills in fine lines and wrinkles.

Permanent Makeup

Our Permanent Makeup is pure artistry.

Our Exclusive Products

Our exclusive line of skin care products took over a year of rigorous trial - experience the difference!

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Welcome to the Skin Rejuvenation Center of Danvers

For the most advanced skin care services & treatments, the Skin Rejuvenation Center & Spa is a leader in the Boston and Danvers area. Using new technology by licensed medical estheticians, the center is at the forefront of skin care and anti-aging solutions. From microdermabrasion & chemical peels to facial skin tightening and body-contouring we have been solving our clients skin problems for decades

Every client begins with an initial consultation and comprehensive skin analysis. We will assess your skin health history, current skin care regime, sensitivity to products or medications, and goals for the future of your skin. Based on this assessment, we will explain the services and treatments we offer and how they can work for you. A customized program will be designed specifically for your skin’s improvement and rejuvenation needs.


Our professional and attentive staff will help you feel at ease as soon as you arrive. Men, women, and teens will all benefit from our wide array of services.


We invite you to join us at the Skin Rejuvenation Center & Spa on a journey to timeless beauty and optimum skin health!


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Skin Rejuvenation Center of Danvers